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Let me tell you a little about myself. Well besides shopping for cabinets I’m also a High School art teacher at Girard High School. I began teaching in 2004 and I have enjoyed every day. In addition to teaching Art I also have a degree in Graphic Design and I’ve worked for several advertising agencies creating logos, print layouts, billboards and websites. I’m married to a beautiful wife (who is also my partner at the sale) and we have two great children.

I’ve been shopping at this sale since 2004. My wife and I started out by renovating our basement, building a bar/kitchenette so when we ripped out our kitchen we had somewhere to prep some food. In the course of going to the sale we marveled at the shear volume of people that came to the sale and as we talked to people we realized just how far away people came from for the sale. We also realized how much there was to learn about the sale, I took notes and notes. I soon found that I was answering a lot people’s questions as I went to the sale. I had posted a lot of information online and soon found that I was getting a lot of emails and so I wrote a guide and first little business was born.

Once that became pretty successful I kept wondering how could shop for people who lived far enough away that they couldn’t make multiple trips. Me and my wife sat down worked out a plan and the Cabinet Shopper was born. As goofy as that name is it still took me a couple of days to decide on it.  I liked the idea of The Cabinet Hunter, but it just sounded like a bad B movie.

Well whats left to say other then my kitchen is done, and we don’t plan on ever redoing it again, even though we see fantastic sets with some of the greatest upgrades and additions week in and week out.

shopping since 2003

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