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Why buy the guide?
The guide contains information you wont find any where else. You can search a ton of forums online and get 100 different answers to the same questions, and many times these answers will come from someone who has only been there once or twice. You’ll see most people have two responses to the sale “It was the greatest, I saved so much” or “Biggest waste of time, I walked away with nothing”. One person went prepared for the sale and the other went blindly into it. I go to every sale, the only time I’m unable to go are for family events. I’m there all the time so when something changes I usually know about it and I update the guide accordingly. Also in addition to the guide I’ll answer any and every question you have, no more posting on a site and waiting weeks for someone to respond, you can directly email me.

This crowd was only about 400

What’s in the Guide?

A list of local hotels if your coming in from out of town, a list of rental places to rent trucks. A google map link to the sale so you can get exact driving directions. Buying tips so you can make the most of your time there, and much more. You also have someone that regularly goes that you can email and get a reply back from.

My guide gives you things you wont find searching the web. A map of the warehouse, so you know exactly where to go, no wasting time looking for a color only to find it is in the next aisle or two away. Color code guide, you can understand the codes on the cabinet to make sure your buying the exact color and door style your looking for.

All of this is contained in one PDF which will be emailed to you once payment is received. I check my email everyday so you will usually have the guide the within a couple of hours of buying it. If you buy after 9pm you most likely wont get it until the next day. If you order the guide and do not receive it within a day email me, sometimes my email will get blocked by spam filters and I can send it from an alternate email address or I can send it to a different email address. Also check if you have any spam filters that might block an Gmail email and check that you using the same email address that is listed with Paypal. I will send the guide to the email address that is listed with Paypal, so if you have an old email address on file with them and you haven’t given me your new address, the guide will be waiting in an inbox that you don’t check.

If your ready to purchase use the PayPal button below to purchase your Guide Now.

 “Jamie helped me find the kitchen of my dreams….with his help I saved over $12,000. Discount shopping at it’s best!!!”  

Dear Jamie,
Invaluable Info! Just got back & saved $20K on the kitchen of my dreams!
Just wanted to let you know, I just got back from my trip & I had a great time! Hubby & I flew out & stayed in the Holiday Inn Express,(highly recommended, great people), picked up 24 cabinets & extras, (3/4 of our kitchen), almost stuffed our Rent-a-truck full for the whole 6 hours & still ran out of time, but we made a killing, had a blast & got a full weekend away from the kids. What more could you want? Thanks again for the great info.

Best wishes, Laurie
Thank you!   

We got 20 cabinets for $1500 today 🙂 Your guide was helpful…. it made us look like pros compared to others who were asking a lot of questions. (we were even able to answer some of the questions and we’ve never been there before!)  
Thanks again!
Christine 🙂 


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