Client Gallery

Here you will find photos and price examples of cabinets that I have purchased  for clients.

To see detailed pictures of all the sets

I’ve bought use this link to visit my Customer Gallery

Here’s a set that I purchased for a client. 29 cabinets, Nutmeg glaze Cherry $4300. All of the cabinets had the slow close drawers as well. There were two large pantries with this set as well.

A Vanilla Bean laze Maple Vanity, vanities run $95.

Some rope and decorative moldings.


Another client’s set. $1900 for 19 Kaffe Cherry cabinets.

Same client plans to install crown molding throughout his house.


Another client, Honey Spiced Maple 16 cabinets for $2700


Ifanyone is looking for help w/this place, Jamie Williams is your man! HIRE
HIM! I met him there this weekend, 09-09-06, and he was a tremendous help!
Not only did he tag 4 kitchen sets for me, he helped me find several missing
pieces for the set I did buy, as well as have several great tips… this
place can be VERY confusing, as there are many “rules” and unwritten
steps…HIRE JAMIE…it will be well worth your money! I intend to hire
him to find the rest of my pieces as well as the trim i’ll need, and i
only live 45min away! He is also a very nice guy…very professional,
courteous, and CALM…and this place is anything but! I would be happy
to answer any questions you may have, but Jamie is the REAL expert…contact
him! (and pay him!!!) – Joe


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