Q.Are these cabinets damaged?
A. About 95% of the cabinets there are brand new, they are returns from various home improvement stores across the country. Many will have the shipping invoice inside of them showing where they came from. Some cabinets will come straight from manufacturing and never even make it to the retail store.

Q.  Since you go all the time can you look for something while your there?
A. Sorry no. I only shop for clients who have made a deposit. If I did that for every one who asked, every week I would be “just looking” for at least a dozen people. I’m sorry but this is being done as a business.

Q. How will you know what I want?
A. I don’t. Going through the steps on the services page will help to give me a guide as to what to shop for. We don’t purchase a thing until we have confirmed it with you.

Q.How do I choose a color?
A. You don’t, if you only have one color it will be really difficult to shop for just one color. See the steps outlined on the Services page.

Q. What cabinets can I choose from?
A. What they sell are over orders and returns. So they will have the most of the popular lines and styles. Less popular colors and styles are available but not as easily found. Everything comes in but it varies from week to week, so theres no way to predict what the chances of something coming in would be.

Q. I have some common sizes shouldn’t you be able to get all of them in one or two trips?
A. Nope. Theres really nothing that is common. They dont get stock in like a regular store. If they don’t have any corner cabinets they can’t order more, they only get in what gets returned, so unless someone cancels or messes up an order involving a corner cabinet it wont show up out there. Now keep in mind everything does come in out there, but you have to consider will those exact cabinets your looking for come in when your looking for them. Your guess is just as good as mine as to when anything will come in.

Q. How can I use something different then what was designed for me?
A. The best way to think about it, is building a house out of Legos. If I gave you a catalog and asked you to choose any Lego peices to work with you would be able to pick out a number of pieces to build a house with, in fact you wouldnt even need the pieces to in front of you to do that. Now what if I gave you a box of Legos and asked you to build a house using only those pieces. That’s alot like what it is to shop there, since theres no way to change what comes in a set you have to be able to work with what is in the set. Now that doesnt mean you have to take that one set, but it gives you an idea of how shopping will be. To give you an even better idea, below are some sizes from recent sets could you make any of these work in your kitchen?

Set #1
12” x 42
24” 24” 42” corner
21” x 42”
15” x 42” glass
15” x 42” glass
27” x 42” microwave
36” x 42”
12” x 42”
27” x 30”
12” x 30”
24” x 24” x 30” corner
33” x 30”
27” x 30”
27” x 30” glass
30” x 21” x 24” fridge
36” fluted fillers
36” lazy
24” 4 drawer
30” micro base
30” 2 drawer pot
33” sink
42” blind corner
30” x 12” deep
30” x 12” deep
30” x 7’ single oven
Set #2
6” x 36” open end shelf
6” x 36” open end shelf
24” x 36
9” x 36”
36” x 36”
36” x 36”
24” x 24” x 42” corner wall
36” x 23.5” x 24” fridge cabinet
30” x 18”x 12”
33” x 15” 12”

15” x 8’ x 24” Pantry 4 roll out trays



33” x 33” lazy susan
36” x 36” lazy susan
24” trash bin drawer door
27” drawer door
12” drawer door
36” pot roll out tray
30” drawer door
36” sink base
36” double drawer, double door
6” spice base 5 drawer
Set #3
36” x 15” x 24 ” deep fridge cabinet
27” x 30” 2 shelfs
24” x 30” 2 shelfs
24” x 30” 2 shelfs
9 moldings
1 full panel
3 walls – 21 x 36, 24 x 36, 15 x 36
Base Cabinets (rots= Roll out trays)18 x 12 deep base 2 shelfs
24” base 1 drawer, 2 door, 2 ROTs all have slow close
21” base double trash bin pull out
18” 4 drawer w/full extension all w/slow close
18” 1 drawer, 1 door, all w/slow close
21” 1 drawer, 1 door, one shelf
24” 1 drawer, 2 door, 2 rots, all w/slow close
36” sink base
18” 1 drawer w/knife holder 1 door, one shelf slow close drawer
24” 1 drawer, 2 door, 2 rots, all w/slow close

Q. Can you ship the cabinets to me?
A. I don’t ship cabinets because I haven’t seen an option to ship them that does not severely offset the savings. I will shop and store the cabinets until you can pick all of them up. There would be additional costs if they need to be stored for a long term. A client used www.uship.com and had his cabinets shipped from Ohio to Louisiana.

Q.When should I consider buying cabinets?
A. My advice is to shop as early as you can. If you need a specific cabinet and it needs to be ordered you will want all the extra time you can have. My client list also varies so one time of the year it might be three months before I can start for you other timesI might not have anyone on the waiting list.

Q. Can I return the cabinets if I’m not satisfied?
A. Sorry no. This is why I make to sure to be fully aware of what a client will and won’t pay for. Its also another reason I will call you and confirm before any major purchase, even though you are saving a ton of money I understand that it is still YOUR money and I want my clients to be 100% satisfied.

Q. Can you guarantee to find all of my cabinets?
A. No. I wish that I could because there are some specialty cabinets that just might not be available. I will offer ways to save money if you do have to order some cabinets as well. Most clients will need to order several depending on their layout.

Q. Can anyone go there and buy cabinets?
A.Yes. It does take a bit of knowledge to learn the ropes of the sale, if you are interested in taking on the shopping yourself I suggest you look into buying my guide.

Q. If I want to hire you how can I trust sending money to you to shop with?
A. I hear this question all the time. I don’t use contracts, I’ve learned the hard way that they really dont protect you against anything. So far I’ve only been burned by one client and luckily it was only for a small amount, sad part was that he is a doctor and only lives about an hour and half away. Truly if anything I’m more leery of people sending me money without me knowing if I can find what they are looking for. I generally don’t give out my address information until after our initial coversation, and I can provide email addresses of my past clients so you can email them for a reference.

Q. Can you send me some references?
A. Yes, but not until after I think I can find something for and we’ve talked on the phone. I try to be careful about giving out past clients contact info.

Q. How do I get on your waiting list?
A. Once you get an idea of what your looking for and we’ve talked on the phone, and I feel that I could find you something, then I’ll send you my address for a deposit. Once I’ve received your check then you will be on my waiting list.

Q. Once you buy my cabinets where and how long are they stored?
A. I have a great storage unit at www.austintownselfstorage.com. You’ll be able to drive your vehicle inside and we can load inside out of the weather. I can store your cabinets in my unit up to two months after I finish shopping for you. After two months there will be a month to month storage fee until the items are picked up.

Q. Do I get a list of what was purchased and how much everything was?
A. Yes. After shopping I will send you a link to high res photos of everything purchased, and you will get an itemized list of all the cabinets, prices, and fees. Any remaining amount is returned to you any money must be paid prior to cabinet pickup.


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