If your interested in my services or if you have any questions not answered on this website please send me an email.

If you would like to talk about the possibility of having me shop for you first contact me by email. Make sure you read through my steps on my shopping services page then we’ll have a good picture of what your looking for.

I do not stock cabinets to resell, so please don’t email me asking if I have any cabinets for sale, also please keep in mind I can’t shop for really specific items. If you have a specific list looking for specific sizes, with a specific color and specific door style, your best bet is going to the store, if you have some flexibility then I can help you out. You have to remember this is an outlet, and all of there stock is from returns, so if you have one color, one door style and one size your looking for, your hoping that someone somewhere has ordered that exact same cabinet and it got returned on the exact day your going to buy it and that no one else has marked it before you. Again flexibility is key.

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