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Ok, what the heck is a Cabinet Shopper? Well me. (I know it sounds dorky but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.)

Several years ago I started using the greatest source of discount cabinets in America, and best of all I live 20 minutes from it. I’ve built a bar, completely remodeled our kitchen (see photo), remodeled two bathrooms, and built a ton of storage all using cabinets that cost a fraction of what you would pay at Home Depot or Lowe’s. In the course of all this cabinet shopping I found out that many people live so far away from this resource that they could really use someone to shop for them. I’ve met many people that would drive from several states away to save big money and not find anything, and then had to plan there next trip back to the area. I thought what if someone shopped for them and then after everything was bought they only had to make one trip to get all of their cabinets. I’m not a contractor by any means, I’m actually an Art Teacher and the idea for this business came from all my trips to the sale. To date I’ve shopped for people as far away as Louisiana, Texas, California, New Jersey and Canada.

Outline of shopping services:
Would you like to save thousands off of retail and still be in your pajamas? Well thats where I come in, I’ll shop the sale for you going over everything thats there and whats deals are to be had. Me and my wife will shop for you we’re pretty good at what we do just take a look at the sets int he clients gallery that we’ve purchased. We’ll go to the sale beat the crowds and get you the best selection that the sale has to offer. If your interested in becoming a client or you just want to find out if shopping the sale would even be a good idea for you complete the two steps below and contact me with the info.

You can also hire us to shop with you for the day. With either service you will still want to complete the two steps as that will give me the best idea if this is a process for you or not.

I’ll state this again these steps are very VERY imporatant. I’ve been doing this for close to a decade and just doing these steps will save you a ton of headache later. For alot of people this sale doesn’t work for them. Flat out it’s easier for me to say no, then to take you on a client, these steps help in the process.

Step One:
The first step is to figure out what colors your open to. The more colors your open to the more you’ll have to choose from when shopping. If you only have a couple of colors it can and most likely will take a long time to find.The best approach is to get a Kraftmaid idea book and begin by crossing out what you hate. Its very easy to circle what you like and then rank them from first choice down. This is the wrong approach. You will tend to try and hold out for the number one color when a really spectacular second choice comes in. Flexibility in color is key. The more colors you are open to the more you have to choose from when shopping if you only have a handful of colors you are open to you might not find something. Narrow down of list of colors that your not open to, that way I can assume your open to everything else. Think of it like a funnel, and trying to catch rain. Which end would would catch more, the narrow opening (small list of open colors) or the large wide open end (open to many colors). Provide me with a list of colors that your NOT open to, please list the stain names, your idea of “light” or “dark” will be different from mine.  I am not looking for a list of preferences, do NOT list wood types, or door styles.

Step Two:
Can you work with various size sets? Full sets is the best way to shopping at the warehouse. Sets are large groupings of cabinets all in the same color and styles. You can’t pick and choose out of a set though so you have to be able to work with the cabinets in the set. On my FAQs page I have three sample sets, see if you can work with them in your kitchen. These are not standard sets, keep in mind there are no common sizes or colors, sets always vary. I picked these three sample specifcally to see what does and doesn’t work for you.  Shopping for individual cabinets from the aisles to assemble a whole kitchen is next to impossible. If you have a layout designed by the store the only place you will find it is at the store. Don’t worry about door styles, there are over 100 of them, only looking for a couple of styles will yield nothing. Flexibility in sizes is key. I can’t stress this enough you can’t look for a specific list of cabinets. Let me know how the three sample sets worked in your space..

Step Three:
Once you have a good spectrum of colors and you’ve tried working with the sample sets head over to the contact page and fill out the form to get in touch with me. Once we correspond by email, I’ll send you my phone number and we can talk on the phone. I’m generally available Monday – Friday from 3pm – 8pm. 

Please understand these steps are extremely important. When you take into account all the wood types, wood finishes, door styles, and sizes that Kraftmaid produces you end up with about 7 million varitions in what they produce. If you contact me say I want this Color with this door style, and this exact size, you literally have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting hit by lighting. Not that it cant happen but the odds are REALLY against you.

Please understand stand I have a better chance of getting bit by a shark then finding a specific, color, style and size and I LIVE IN OHIO! ( trust me I’ve looked at math and actual stats)

Here’s some cabinets purchased for a client, only cost him $502! The
pantry cabinet alone would run you almost $1000 at the store! Checkout the feedback he gave me below.

If anyone is looking for help w/this place, Jamie Williams is your man! HIRE HIM! I met him there and he was a tremendous help! Not only did he tag 4 kitchen sets for me, he helped me find several missing pieces for the set I did buy, as well as have several great tips… this place can be VERY confusing, as there are many “rules” and unwritten steps…HIRE JAMIE…it will be well worth your money! I intend to hire him to find the rest of my pieces as well as the trim i’ll need, and i only live 45min away! He is also a very nice guy…very professional, courteous, and CALM…and this place is anything but! I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, but Jamie is the REAL expert…contact him! (and pay him!!!) – Joe

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