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I purchased your guide and went to the sale on 1/30 and got some deals.  Your advice was excellent.  I got an Autumn Blush Cherry set to start my project….

I recently bought a fixer-upper with a kitchen that was a disaster and needed to be gutted. I figured it would take me 2+ years to afford the remodel (with all of the other high priority fixes in the house) and with the quote for Kraftmaid cabinets coming in at over $8,000 (for a small kitchen!) We’ve made 3 trips to Lordstown and were able to obtain 3/4’s of the cabinets I need – for under $500!!! We are planning on continuing – to finish it up – and I will hopefully have my kitchen this year!  Thank you for the guide – it made a really ambiguous process almost pain-free!

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help on the phone last week and thank you for the quick delivery of your shopping guide.  The guide is full of helpful tips and the map was a big help. 

My husband and I went to the sale on March 1st and had great success.  We were able to get 3 of the kitchen sets – all in Canvas Maple.  We were hoping to find a good number of cabinets in vanilla bean and then order the rest but these are very nice and should be just about all we need.  We will have to order a couple of drawer fronts and a set of glass drawers but overall the cabinets are in excellent condition.   We got 53 cabinets, molding, and a few accessory items.  It was snowy and cold but it was well worth our 12 hour drive.   The cabinet estimates we had received from Lowe’s and a local kitchen design center were running between $70,000 and $98,000.  We spent $7,800.00 dollars and have pretty much everything we need so we are thrilled!  I can’t believe what a well kept secret this outlet is.  We feel very lucky to have happened upon the outlet,  get inside on the first wave of customers and find so much on our very first trip. 

Here’s a another client who has a construction journal on Owner here’s a link to his site with pics of his cabinets and a review of my services. Click Here.

Just letting you know how our day went. We got 21 Sunset hickory cabinets for $2700. Also 3 out of the isle and a valence for under $3000.00 for a total of 24 cabinets. Our experience was great and your guide was very helpful. i’ll send pictures when kitchen is done. Thanks, Sarah and Phil.

My trips were successful!! I had to go a total of 4 times but I found it to be really fun (sick – I know!) and wound up with Cherry Cabinets with a Ginger Glaze. I could not have done it without your help/guide!! Thanks so much!!

I wanted to thank you for all of your help in shopping for cabinetry that day. On the way home that afternoon, we were terrified that we didn’t have enough or that the sizes weren’t going to work out for us, but everything is hung and in place and we ended up with only 7 cabinets we didn’t use. (Since we bought 30 cabinets that day, we were ex static) They look AWESOME!!! I am so excited!! We are working diligently to finish our kitchen so we can email you pictures!!
Based on the figures we got from our local Lowe’s, we saved over $7,000 in cabinetry costs!!
Again, I thank you and your wife for all of your help! 
Jamie, we went to the sale on Saturday the 8th we got a set of Cabernet Birch 27 pcs for $4000.00. We were thrilled. Thank you. 
Nanette “Jamie helped me find the kitchen of my dreams….with his help I saved over $12,000. Discount shopping at it’s best!!!”

Dear Jamie, 
Invaluable Info! Just got back & saved $20K on the kitchen of my dreams!
Just wanted to let you know, I just got back from my trip & I had a great time! Hubby & I flew out & stayed in the Holiday Inn Express,(highly recommended, great people), picked up 24 cabinets & extras, (3/4 of our kitchen), almost stuffed our Rent-a-truck full for the whole 6 hours & still ran out of time, but we made a killing, had a blast & got a full weekend away from the kids. What more could you want? Thanks again for the great info.
Best wishes, Laurie
Thank you!

 We got 20 cabinets for $1500 today 🙂 Your guide was helpful…. it made us look like pros compared to others who were asking a lot of questions. (we were even able to answer some of the questions and we’ve never been there before!)
Thanks again!
Christine 🙂

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